Published on October 22, 2008 By NewbieDeb In OS Customization

For some time now, my sound packager has continually crashed.  But I recently discovered that if I log in under a different User (the only other user account I have set up on my computer) my Sound Packager works!!!

Unfortunatly, they don't cross over user accounts.

I have tried searching for multipal copies of SP installed, but found only the one installation.


Any ideas how to fix this?

on Oct 22, 2008

I had a problem long ago with SP crashing,even after uninstalling/reinstalling it.I found I needed to uninstall SP,go to C/users/username/app data/roaming and delete the sound packager file found there,then reinstall SoundPackager.After that,SP has worked for me ever since.(Vista,32 bit)

Btw,that file is a hidden one,you'll need to go to folder options and check "show hidden files and folders" to see it.I hope this helps.

on Oct 22, 2008

I'm gonna give that a try.