Published on May 13, 2008 By NewbieDeb In OS Customization
I recently tried to change my sound scheme with SoundPackager and I can hear the preview, but when I click APPLY I get a windows error that says something has prevented the program from working and will now close.
on May 13, 2008
What version of SoundPackager are you running?

Was it working fine before?

Made any recent changes, or new downloads?

Why not uninstall, run a clean up program, reboot and reinstall and see if that helps. It may have gotten corrupted some how.

on May 21, 2008
I am running v. on Vista.
I did work fine before, but I don't change my sounds often so any 'recent changes' could be just about anything.
I have uninstalled it a few times trying to make it work again. Inbetween uninstalls, I ran CCleaner to remove registry entries.
Still no luck. At first I thought it was a firewall issue but I have it set to be allowed through.